Arcadia Premium operates within the bounds of the state of Arizona Department of Liquor Control – abides by all Federal, State and Local Authority- and does business in accordance with these rules and regulations.

A) Arcadia Premium will not sell nor furnish alcohol to person(s) under the age of 21, in any situation. State approved/recognized ID (Identification) will be required to receive any alcoholic beverage. Inability to provide ID when requested by Arcadia Premium will result in forfeiture of funds provided by the customer, and no alcohol will be provided.

B) Arcadia Premium employees will determine customer ability to accept alcohol deliveries based on 1) age requirement 2) level of intoxication when relevant 3) safety of both the individual situation, and overall driver safety.

C) Arcadia Premium will not deliver products based on a COD (cash on delivery) transaction. All transactions must include the use of a credit card, and payment is due at the time of order placement. Refunds may be provided by Arcadia Premium in the event of extenuating circumstances, errors in processing, or any other situation deemed not customer responsibility

D) Arcadia Premium will attempt to deliver products in the most expedient method possible, however, there may be circumstances where delivery time exceeds 30 minutes. Weather, traffic, high volume, or other situations may delay delivery.

E) Arcadia Premium reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, based upon the above criteria, or as warranted by any individual situation.

F) Tipping of drivers is not required, but appreciated for good service.